The application of vertical mill in quartz powder processing

Quartz powder is also called silica powder. As a type of basic industrial raw material, high-quality quartz powder has wide application in glass, glass fiber, ceramics and refractory, metallurgy, construction, chemistry, casting, grinding material, electron and optical fiber industry.

It is a difficult process to process the quartz to high-quality quartz powder and the main equipment for grinding quartz in domestic market is vertical roller mill and rod mill. When Raymond mill is used, the output is about 1t/h, and the efficiency is low, the energy consumption is high and the production granularity cannot be easily controlled. In addition, the wear-resistant material that Raymond mill uses is high manganese steel which has weak magnetism, so that the mechanical iron cannot be easily removed. When using rod mill, the production indexes are no better than that of Raymond mill. With the increase of powder fineness, the iron content will also increase. How to greatly improve the grinding production capacity of quartz powder and reduce the iron content in it at the same time becomes a technical problem that must solved for the large scale production of quartz powders.

Vertical mill is a highly efficient and energy-saving machine with the functions of both drying and grinding researched and developed on the basis of widely absorbing foreign advanced technologies and combining with the application experience of vertical grinding mill in domestic and foreign market. It is integrated with tertiary crushing, drying, powder grinding, powder separation and conveying and has the advantages of high powder grinding efficiency, low energy consumption, big drying ability, easy control of the product fineness and simple production process. In addition, the output is 10-12t/h, the mechanical iron containing in the final products is easy to be removed and the iron content and the main technical and economic indexes can meet the customers demands.

Crushing and grinding plant in angola

Angola is located in one of the top five threatened hotspots in the world with the Congolean forest which is located in the country as being endangered due to poor mining practices. Therefore Angola mining is becoming more and more severely in demanding and application. As a professional manufacturer of stone crushing plant, Oriental has always been putting increasingly demand to herself and has invented more and more crushing and griniding plants with high quality and better service which can meet clients need.

The government hopes to resume Angola mining in the southwest for crystalline quartz and ornamental marble. It has been estimated that 5,000 cubic meters of marble could be extracted annually over twenty years. To meet the demands of Angola mining, Oriental has developed more and more senior crushers and mills. Oriental has sent more techinical engineers and installation engineers for Angola mining. Besides, Oriental has already established several excellent sample customers for Angola mining. If you want to start mining in Angola and need lots of aggregate processing plant, we can offer you.

Angola was historically a major producer of diamonds, iron ore, gold and copper before independence. However, the ensuing civil war disrupted its infrastructure, significantly slowed the pace of exploitation of Angola metals and minerals base. Following the end of the 27-year conflict in 2002, the Angolan mining industry, along with economy, has grown rapidly. Angola is globally the fifth largest producer of diamonds in value, supplying 7-9% of world diamond output. As we can see that Angola is rich in diamonds and iron ore. In addition to diamonds and iron ore, Angola is also rich in several other mineral resources that had not been fully exploited by the late 1980s. These Angola minerals include manganese, copper, gold, phosphates, granite, marble, uranium, quartz, lead, zinc, wolfram, tin, fluorite, sulfur, feldspar, kaolin, mica, asphalt, gypsum, and talc.

Why are compound crushers competitive on the market?

The compound crusher is a type of high efficient fine crushing machine with the multi-functions of hammering, impacting and grinding. It is one of the most competitive machines on the market for mining machinery.The compound crusher generally works like this: materials enter the practical crusher cavity from the feeding port and then impact the high speed spinning crusher case; after the impacting process, the materials then get squeezed and crushed; then they are impacted to the inner wall of the main case and meet the hammer of the crusher; during the falling process, the materials are hit for several times and finally become the powder materials which will be ejected from the discharging port.

Our compound crusher has good reputation among customers because of its many advantages of high yield, high reduction ratio, little abrasion, low energy consumption, good leak proofing, reliable operation and simple maintenance steps. It has adopted the innovative high-chromium alloy components and crushing hammer in order to both save the investment cost and realize the most value for customers. Based on years research and development, the hammer structure may be the most attractive feature of our compound crusher.

Our company has spent almost 20 years in inventing new generation of compound crusher which helps us win the praise of customers depending on our abundant operation and serving experience. For many industries, our compound crusher has become the first choice for users to consider when they need to select high quality devices. We welcome customers all over the world to our company for more details.

The maintenance of ultra fine mill is in proportion to its duration

In the structure of ultrafine mill, the wear of grinding roller is very serious, but because of its working principle, the serious wear of this part will make the machine loose efficient grinding function, so we must pay attention to the dynamic wear of the grinding roller, while in the operation of the grinding machine, the wear is inevitable. But we also need to control the wear as much as possible, and the necessary maintenance of the machine also has to be done.

During the maintenance of ultrafine grinding mill, keep the equipment clean is very important, it is better to keep it in clean state, no dust, no oil and no oil spill on a daily basis. If dust is found in the production of the lubricating parts, it must be timely cleared. If dust and debris enter into the lubricating parts, it will make the equipment wear double without lubrication. The dust itself is in a minimum volume, so if the dust enters into the lubricating parts, the service life of dolomite and limestone mill will be short. Finally, we need to remind everybody is that the regular replacement of lubricating oil is also very important; we can replace the oil according to the running time of the machine, or replace the lubricating oil half a year. In some parts, it not only needs the periodic replacement of the lubricant, but also needs to regularly use the gasoline to clean the filter. However, the operator should pay attention to the tip that they must wait until the machine is completely dry after cleaning gasoline for continue to use, otherwise easy to cause production accident.

The improper maintenance of ultra fine grinding mill will make the working efficiency of the machine greatly reduce, or it may even make short-term scrap of the mill, as well as the increase of its power consumption. The increase of human labor will make the operating costs exponentially increase of investors, and they will be in the passive situation of management for a long-term period. Therefore, the correct method of maintenance is very important.

The mobile crushing station makes construction wastes valuable

In recent years, the demand for handling the construction wastes among the customers is increasing rapidly, and there are more and more customers asking about the mobile crushing station for the use in the construction industry. Our company has received a lot of counseling messages about the price and function of our construction waste crusher. Here our experts will make a detailed analysis on the entire production technology investment of the construction wastes.

Since the project duration of the construction wastes handling is quite short, it makes many companies unaware of what to do after they finish using the handling equipment, which leads to the low usage of the equipment and the waste of the investment capital. Our experts suggest that users should consider financial leasing in the period when the machine is left unused. This will not only relieve the capital pressure for the company but also make the best use of the machine to realize the highest productivity.

The resource recycling will realize the low cost and high profits for real. In modern times, we neednt pay for the construction wastes. Through the handling system, the construction wastes can be changed to the recycled aggregates in no time. These new materials made by the portable crusher plant can also be used to make new environmental protection construction materials applied in the road paving project.The mobile crushing station has become the inevitable result as the crushing equipment develops to certain stage. The mobility of the machine helps it realize better performance than the traditional machines.

The purchase of raymond mill fittings is necessary

Our raymond mill is suitable for processing more than 280 kinds of materials such as barite, calcite, feldspar, talc, marble, limestone, dolomite, fluorite, lime, activated clay, activated carbon, bentonite, kaolin, cement, phosphate rock, gypsum, glass and insulation materials with less than 9.3Mohs hardness, high fine powder with 6% humidity, the non inflammable minerals of chemical industry, construction and other industries. When purchase the raymond mill, manufacturers will always recommend that customers should buy some fittings of the mill, is it really necessary? During the following paragraphs, we will tell you the answer.

First of all, we need to know the fittings of Raymond mill include a speed reducer, gear reducer, wind machine, grinder, plum frame, roller, analyzer, etc. In fact, 90% of these parts belong to the wearing components. Although they are only spare parts, once they are damaged, Raymond mill must be stopped to deal with the problem during the production process. It can be said that the effect of Raymond mill accessories is crucial to its duration and working efficiency. Therefore, it is right for coal mill manufacturers to advise users to buy the accessories.

Last but not least, knowing about the wear degrees of these parts is also important. That is to say, to what extent it will be scrapped, or the standards of the replacement are also needed to be learnt about.

  • 1. When the wearing amount small gear surface is 30% less than its tooth thickness, or the wear of big gear ring surface 25%greater than its tooth thickness, their reversible surfaces can be used. When the wear reaches 1/2, they will be scrapped.
  • 2. The bases of the two bearings are on the same horizontal plane. If the external surface of the hollow shaft has trench scarred or the inner circle is worn, which may lead to the deformation and the crack of hollow shaft, it should be replaced immediately.
  • 3. When the wear of the bearing tile is 1/3 greater than its thickness, it should be replaced in time.
  • 4. When the distortion of the ring gear flange is greater than 7.5mm, it is scrapped.

Artificial sand will bring new chances for crusher

As we all know, sand is indispensable in construction, modern reinforced concrete buildings and flat road cannot be separated from the tremendous contribution the sand crusher machine industry has made for the economic construction. Sand industry is an industry with long history. Till today, it has become one of the basic industries supporting national modernization. Along with the continuous technological progress, industrial production is increasingly dependent on the efficiency and convenience brought by machinery, particularly in sand production.

China’s economic development has been lagging behind. In the past, the traditional production of sand is very backward, the economic policy was more tightening, the infrastructure construction was in a stagnant stage, so the demand for sand was not very high demand. The natural sand resources are more abundant, but it was difficult to exploit them. With the pursuit of production efficiency in the modern society, people increasingly focus on the benefits of the crusher in the production of sand. The traditional river sand is replaced by artificial sand which has more advantages. Artificial sand plant could achieve a unified specification in accordance with the demands, which avoids the waste in the use of traditional river sand. Therefore, the market demand for artificial sand is very broad.

In recent years, due to the more and more obvious adverse effects on the ecological balance of the destruction caused by of economic development, our state vigorously promotes environmental protection and the protection of ecological balance, and the supporting policies to sand industry greatly stimulate the development of the sand. The development of mining machinery will definitely drive the prosperity of the artificial sand. From the development trend of sand industry, in order to grasp the mechanism of sand in this vast market, Chinese mining crushing industry, should also start from improving their own level, make good use of the opportunity of our nation to support the machinery and equipment manufacturing, improve self-research and innovation capabilities. Only in this way, China could improve the competitiveness of the crusher product in the international arena.

Calcite plant can accelerate the economic growth of new rural area

The calcite plant can accelerate the economic growth of new rural and is one of the important industries which has achieved sustainable development in China. Its production process determines the characteristics of high energy consumption and high pollution. Due to the cost growth of raw material and transportation, the industry is facing tremendous competitive pressure.

In the manufacturing process of modern calcite equipment, due to the specificity and complexity of the production process and equipment, all kinds of crushing, grinding, impacting, transmission equipment parts are in the overload running state, which greatly increases the maintenance and replacement frequency of the stone crusher plant. Over time, it not only cannot guarantee its safety and efficient production, but also increases the maintenance and operating costs.

The implementation of the enterprise work needs to mobilize and integrate a variety of resources. The shortage of any kind of resources will have a negative impact on the enterprise cost and benefit, even cause economic losses. Therefore, to reduce operating costs and defuse the business risks, we must integrate new system to break the backward system.

Transformation of mining machinery industry

In recent years, the increasing mode of the gold mining machine machinery industry has transformed from the high speed development to the medium speed one. The purchasing cost is increasing slowly and the financial cost pressure is also slowing down, while the labor cost still keeps growing. The intermediate link inventory of the engineering machinery is in large amount.

Large scale equipment featuring high technology, new design and new materials will be the future trend of the domestic mining exploitation industry. Unfortunately, many Chinese mining machinery manufacturers produce the products by completely and blindly imitating other brand products on the market without adding their own thoughts. These mining machines are lacking competitiveness and will be abandoned by the market under the current economic situation.

However, China as the leader of the developing countries is not only occupying the lower end international market but also trying to take up the high end market. To strengthen the kaolin processing plant machinery
competitiveness, manufacturers need to grasp the perfect market chance, establish the innovation concept and change the past imitation development mode. As long as we make breakthrough in the field of core technology of the mining machinery manufacturing industry, we will win the market of the mining machines among so many competitors for sure.

What crushers can we use to break the fluorite?

We know that the fluorite is a kind of ore used widely as catalyst, corrosion remover, insecticide, addictive, flux and communication material for the industrial and military use. The fluorite is a hard mineral which can be broken by the used jaw crusher for sale to the required particle size and there are many types of crushing machines with the ability of crushing the fluorite. Here we will introduce some of them.

1. Jaw crushers are the first choice for us to break the fluorite. The rotor backboard of the jaw crusher can bear the high speed rotational inertia and the hammers impacting force, so the jaw crusher is preferred by its high reduction ratio, good particle shape and reasonable crushing hammer structure, which can save much time of replacing the board hammer of the crusher.

2. The slag crushing plant is the second common machines to crush the fluorite. With features of new casting technology, wear resistance and impact resistance, the impact crushers handling particle size and structure can be easily changed according to customers requirement.

3. Hammer crushers are also a good type of tools to break the fluorite. The large, medium and small sized hammer crushers can meet different demands of customers. The simple structure and easy manufacturing process of the hammer crusher make it the popular device in the handling process of the fluorite.

4. Double roll crushers are also good at handling the fluorite. It has many advantages such as small size, high reduction ratio, little noise pollution, high efficiency, and sensitive overload protection.